The combination of beneficial exchange rates and a very competitive airline market for a very small population has turned Sydney, Australia into the international airfares bargain capital of the world.
Airfares International has for over ten years specialised in giving both business and private travellers around the world access to bargain price international airfares and we are delighted to now be able to offer this service via the internet.
You do not need to be flying to Australia. We have great airfares for Trans-Atlantic, North Pacific, Caribbean, Africa, etc. We can offer you great international airfares for almost any itinerary from almost any city.
Some Economy Class Examples
New York - London round trip from US$278.00 + taxes
Los Angeles - Hong Kong round trip from US$599.00 + taxes
Chicago - Sydney round trip from US$1323.00 + taxes
London - Singapore round trip from GBP489.00 + taxes
Paris - Washington round trip from FRF2198.00 + taxes
Bangkok - San Francisco round trip from BAHT24310 + taxes
Hong Kong - London round trip from HK$9990.00 + taxes
Huge savings for Business and First Class travel
For example, save up to US$2000 on a round trip Business Class fare from Los Angeles to Australia or New Zealand.
How does it work ?
Because exchange rates fluctuate constantly we treat each quotation individually. Please send us an email via the click on icon below giving us your preferred itinerary, dates, class of travel and any preferred airlines and a detailed quote will be returned to you by email within 24-48 hours.
All major credit cards are accepted and tickets are delivered to your door via international courier, usually within 48 hours of finalising the booking.
Try us and save!
Australia is one of the safest places to purchase travel. By law, every travel agency must belong to the Travel Agents Compensation Fund, which guarantees all payments made to a licensed travel agent. Airfares international has for over ten years been rated by this fund in its highest category of financial security. In addition we are fully accredited by IATA, the international controlling body of world airlines and licensed by the Travel Agents Licensing Board.

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